Hotmail Issue

Are you also using hotmail? Currently NKU and hotmail are using similar session variables which is causing login errors. We are contacting Microsoft for Support.

To access your NKU mail, please logoff hotmail, and close all browser windows, reopen a new window, and just go to

If you would like to have both email systems open, we currently can offer 3 work arounds until we get a permanent answer from Microsoft:

  1. If you are an Internet Explorer User, click on the safety menu, and select InPrivate Browsing. This will open a new window and allow you to load without an issue.
  2. Use a different web browser product, for example, load hotmail in Internet Explorer, and webmail in Firefox, or the other way.
  3. Have your NKU webmail account download your hotmail email, and create a single inbox. To do this login into webmail, and choose options in the upper right. In the Connected accounts frame, click new and enter your hotmail address and password.

 NKU is working with Microsoft to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Thank you and sorry about any inconvenience.