Student Email FAQs

Q: I cannot access my email

A: When logging into the system, please use your NKU Username and Password, and please exclude or when logging into the new student email.  Also the new system is case sensitive, so please type your username in lowercase.

Q: How can I connect my cell phone

A: Cell Phone instructions are located at: We will continue to add more cell phone connection information.

Q: I have an email with attachments, but I cannot access them.

A: Due to Computer Virus, NKU blocks the most attachment types that are most often used as Virus.  If you have someone trying to Email you one of these attachments, request that the sender zip the file that they are trying to send.  As a reminder, only open attachments from email addresses you know.
The attachment types we block are: .ade, .adp, .app, .asp, .bas, .bat, .cer, .chm, .cmd, .com, .cpl, .crt, .csh, .exe, .fxp, .hlp, .hta, .inf, .ins, .isp, .its, .js, .jse, .ksh, .lnk, .mad, .maf, .mag, .mam, .maq, .mar, .mas, .mat, .mau, .mav, .maw, .mda, .mdb, .mde, .mdt, .mdw, .mdz, .msc, .msi, .msp, .mst, .ops, .pcd, .pif, .prf, .prg, .pst, .reg, .scf, .scr, .sct, .shb, .shs, .tmp, .url, .vb, .vbe, .vbs, .vsmacros, .vss, .vst, .vsw, .ws, .wsc, .wsf, .wsh.